Professional Equine Therapist, Instructor and Trainer that travels to you and your horse. I am available in Strathmore, AB and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about my service or your horse lets chat! Thanks for my blog, your horse will thank you too!

I have accepted a position with the Calgary Police Mounted Unit as their Facilities and Animal Care Coordinator and will not be taking anymore Lesson clients or Training horses at this time. If you require Equine Therapy, please contact me for availability or reference. Thank you!

Horses For Sale

There are currently no horses for sale at this time. I do know others for sale so contact me with what your looking for and I might know of a match!!

RK Equine Lessons & Training


Lessons focus on teaching fundamental horsemanship to encourage a habit of safety, respect and knowledge. My lesson program is best suited for beginner to intermediate riders. Depending on what you and your horse need will determine the lesson program. I assist riders with equitation as well as getting their horse broke. Whether its a vice you need fixing, improving your horsemanship or finishing your greenie, I can help you learn what YOU need to do to have a well mannered broke horse. I am a fully insured coach/trainer and am a current member of the AEF.
Contact me to discuss details on cost and situation.


Program is based on a monthly basis (30 day). Starting horses require 60 days. 5 sessions per week. Depending on your horses needs, my program covers sacking out, ground work/mannerism, Whoa, W/T/L, collection and flexion. All basic maneuvers including but not limited to haunch, forehand turns, lateral yields and back up on all green horses. Western or English. Keep in mind each horse learns at a different pace and will require consistency. I'm open to suggestions and preferences you may have as well.

Colts starting are required to be halter broke and tie. No studs.

References available just ask! Feel free to contact me text, email or call. I look forward to hearing about your horse!

Cost for training:
20 sessions full time (1 month) $550
Conditioning: $30 per session
I have part time options available and two week tune ups. Contact me for details.

 I have a gentle approach, that involves patience, confidence and assertiveness. I focus on how the horse is feeling, thinking and responding, to effectively progress the horse in the training program.

RK Equine Chiropractic Therapy

I am a current member of the Alberta Association of Complimentary Equine Therapy
Please visit to learn more about the association and modality specific therapists available in Alberta.

Equine therapy is beneficial to your horses movement, balance and body - not to mention that ever important attitude! If you have an athlete that is having a bit of trouble reaching his potential, he may be imbalanced in the body due to lack of mobility in the joints and/or muscle tension. My therapy helps horses recover from lameness, past injuries, poor saddle fit and training programs. Sometimes your horse may not show signs of pain (what a heart!) but just seem "off" and you can feel it. These horses are great candidates for some bodywork! A prevention and maintenance program can be a little as one treatment a year!


Treatment: $80
Mileage: $20 per hour travel. I split travel with all clients on route.

Treatment Includes:

Assessment: Examination of conformation, movement, spinal and skeletal alignment, superficial muscle tension, injuries and lameness. All joints are examined for misalignment except the lower extremities. I also will look at your saddle and fit, included in the treatment session.

Stretches and Suggestions: I will likely show you stretches that can help keep your horse in alignment, as well as possible supplements, exercises or homeopathy that may benefit your horse.

Chiropractic: After the examination is complete, I then perform all the adjustments as needed. I use gentle, yet quick manipulation methods to adjust the subluxated vertebrae as well as on misaligned joints of the skeletal structure.

Stress Point Release and Massage: I compliment the treatment by using stress point and massage techniques as needed. The focus is on the superficial muscles relating to the body pain. Most horses that need treatment, show signs of pain within their muscles, usually caused by compensation due to imbalances. This part of my treatment will release tension and stress in the localized area, increasing blood flow and promoting oxygen to the area which help flush out toxins.

Every horse is different, and a puzzle! My therapy offers some answers to ailments that sometimes get us stumped! It’s a great preventative way to keep your horse sound or helps aid in the recovery of body pain.

Equine therapy does not replace veterinary care. Always contact your vet first if serious injury or illness has occurred.

I have excellent references and would gladly provide them if you wish.

Horses SOLD!


Friendly 12 y/o Morab gelding. Excellent feet. Lovely mover stands 15.1 hh, lots of interest and work ethic. Suitable for a knowledgeable, confident assertive rider.  Bold, brave and willing. Lots of personality and charm.
Correct, sound and always healthy. UTD everything incl dental. Experience in English and western, has been ridden on the trails alone and in group. No jig, can go all day. Good around cows. Great whoa, neck reins and can be ridden on a loose rein. This horse has a ton of heart. Bush, mountain riding or english are great career options.

He has been shown and jumped up to 2'6 jumper and 2'3 hunter. Needs some refresher work in jumping to clean up the course. Very willing and loves it.  Cant say enough great wonderful things about Kai. Ready to work when you are!



Awesome stands 16hh, dark bay, quiet and willing. Big heart in this mare and great mind. Awesome stands for farrier and mounting. Loads, ties and is well mannered. Softening to the bit well, yields, backs, haunch and forehand turns. Sound with good feet and conformation. Will be a fantastic pleasure or all around horse for an intermediate rider.



Diamond stands 15hh, Dark buckskin with good conformation. She is quiet, willing and kind. Diamond will be a fun all around, she rides western and a bit of english, has stops, turnarounds and neck reins. She will be suitable for an intermediate rider.
Lunging video available at:


Ice is well broke. Started on the pattern and is doing very well. If your looking for a barrel project that will win you some money next year, dont pass him up! Knows the pattern and gives a ton of HEART and TRY for his rider. Long stride, covers ground with ease. Very balanced and picks up leads no problem. Ice likes having a job and likes to do it fast. He is very respectful and will listen with out a fight. No vices. Ice stands quiet, very patient and is a horse owners dream with manners.
His history is he has been a mountain trail horse, lots of life in this guy yet. Been shod, very good for farrier and great feet. UTD with teeth, wormer and farrier. No soundness issues or health issues.
Ice is 10 years old, 16.1hh, built like a powerhouse Quarter Horse. Doesnt have registration papers but he is still a GOOD horse. Kind boy, and willing to please.